Ampera Roadshow

2,600 test drives in six months and ten countries – the Ampera was the center of attention wherever it went during its tour across Europe. The “groupies” were businesspeople, fleet managers and executives – all important target groups for us, as we expect that the majority of our electric vehicles will be sold to companies and public authorities.

Be it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain or Germany, the tour bus in Ampera design was the highlight of workshops and presentations – which were of course followed by test drives.

Ampera at the Fraport AG

Example Fraport AG: Right now there are 3,000 vehicles used at and around the Frankfurt Airport, and ten percent of them are electric. The airport operator has clearly stated its goal to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The Ampera is a perfect fit for this. The Fraport AG wants to expand its vehicle fleet with a number of electric vehicles with range extender in the fall of 2012.

Ampera at the Schaeffler Group

The case with the Schaeffler Group in Herzogenaurach is similar. That’s why around 60 employees are taking the opportunity during the roadshow to drive or be driven in one of the three Amperas. Asked to evaluate their experience, they come to a clear conclusion: the drivers gave the Ampera a very positive rating for its overall performance and the impression it made on them.

And there is still a lot to look forward to in Europe. Now the Ampera is heading to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Scandinavia and Greece. Within nine months, fleet customers in a total of 24 European countries will be able to have the pleasure of experiencing electric driving.

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