Ampera is Car of the Year 2012

It is now official: our electric car has won the most important and prestigious title awarded in the automotive industry. Ampera and “Car of the Year 2012” are now one and the same. 59 journalists from 23 European countries gave the “Car of the Year” 330 points – 49 more than the runner-up VW Up. Third place went to the new Ford Focus. A total of 35 vehicles were initial candidates, and seven made it into the final round.

The award was announced at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time. Our CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke and Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe accepted the trophy for the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera and the Chevrolet Volt from jury president Hakan Matson. “Proud” was one of the most prominent words in the acceptance speeches.

Uwe Winter was the journalists’ contact person in the last weeks. The Vehicle Line Director Ampera & Chief Engineer Electrical Vehicles is “absolutely thrilled. This is a great reward for the team that put everything they have into achieving this success. We couldn’t wait to see if we were able to convince the jury with our car and the idea behind it. The jury praised our courage and innovative spirit. We also see this award as encouragement. Behind the COTY logo I see the words Keep It Up.”

Ampera is Car of the Year Ampera is Car of the Year

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3 Responses to Our star in Geneva – Ampera is “Car of the Year”

  1. Will Mowat says:

    Well done chaps and chapesses. Now halve the price and let’s all drive them! My 12-year-old Zafira is still going strong, but I WANT the Ampera :)

  2. Jean-Charles Jacquemin says:

    Great, my Corsa has still the “motor of the year” to make it run. Now I’ll soon drive the “car of the year”. Congratulations to the whole Ampera team.


  3. MIKE CAPLAN says:

    I can’t wait toown an Ampera and to stick two fingers up at the Arabs!